5 Mobile Legends Tips that will Make You Become a Better Player

Nowadays, Mobile Legends has become the most popular MOBA game on mobile. A lot of players are playing this game starting from the kids until the adults. But still, many of them are having a difficulty to become a pro in this game. That is why on this occasion, we are going to share 5 Mobile Legends tips which will help you to achieve that.

Make Sure We Have a Good Internet Connection

This game counts on a stable and good internet connection a lot. And if we do not have a good internet connection, we have to be ready when our connection is break up in the middle of the game. It would be a big disaster if it happens. We can get killed without even knowing it and of course, it would be a big loss for the whole team. So, make sure to check out our internet connection first before we start playing this game.

Upgrade the Emblem

mobile legends emblem


The emblem is really important in this game as it is used to make our hero stronger. But, a low-level emblem will not give too much effect to our hero. The higher the level of the emblem, the stronger our hero will be. That is why when the emblem is ready to be upgraded, we need to upgrade it as soon as possible. If we are willing, we can check out first if the emblem is ready to be upgraded or not.

Kill the Jungle Monsters as Often as Possible

mobile legends jungle monsters


Killing the Jungle Monsters is really important while we are in a match as it will give our hero a buff which will make them stronger for a period of time. Besides, it will help us to gain more money to upgrade our item and make us leveled up faster. If you realize why some players get far stronger than us although they are using the same hero, it is because they kill jungle monsters very often during the match.

Choose the Item Carefully

mobile legends item

Another crucial thing in this game is choosing the right item. Each item that we choose will be affecting our gameplay along the game. If we choose the right item which suitable for the hero that we used, it will be so good as the result. But, if we choose the wrong item, it will make us hard to help the team or even to kill one enemy. So, in order to avoid the mistake in choosing the item, we can see the item recommendation or the items that are used by the top player for each hero.

Know How to Use Each Hero

In order to master a hero, we need to know how to use the hero first. We have to learn their skills both active and passive, the combos while using those skills, and the right time and situation to use them. If we already get used to using a hero, it would be easier for us to play them. So, if we are about to use a hero that we never played before, it would be better if try them first in the custom mode or vs A.I mode.


Now you know how to be a better player, right? We are really sure that you already understand the keys of becoming a great player in this game after seeing some Mobile Legends tips from us. So now, do not waste your time and try our tips immediately.

Harold Johnson

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