Advanced Technology on Street

Hello people, welcome back to our website because today I want to share you about advanced technology on street. Following our digitizing era. Our scientist also makes some technology in order to help human life easier. From lamp to help us see through dark, television to help us gathering information, telephone to help us talk with someone far away, and may other things. By the way, do you know why human become so obsessed with technology? Do you think using too much technology will give an impact in our social life? Well, let us discuss that today.

Reason To Use Advanced Technology on Street

Technology growing fast every day. Even with a single clap, we can turn off light this day. The result of scientist long research can be enjoyed by everyone, especially if they have money in their pocket. Rude isn’t it? but that’s how the world works. People with more money will get more easiness in their life. Totally different with people who just live fairly enough. Well get back to the topic, I want to ask you. Can you give me one single sample about advanced technology on street in your country? Well if you can answer my question, your country must really care about their people.

Here’s a list of few advanced technology on street:

  1. The car who can drive by its own. Google with Kia is collaborating to make a car who can drive by its own. This system called auto drive car. Google and Kia become the first company who make a car that can drive on its own.
  2. A highway that can glow in the dark is a unique concept Dutch. They call it Smart Highways. They also said this highway can recharge the energy of the electric car.
  3. America technology prevents car crashing each other. America government already making a research about a system to make a car can communicating each other. This system also called as V2V or Vehicle to Vehicle communication.
  4. Switch on the traffic light. Few country with advanced technology already applies this technology long time ago.

So, after reading that list, do you know the government reason to use advanced technology on street? There’s nothing else than to protect their citizen from getting an accident on street, because if the accident rating on street grows higher every year. They will lose more productive people in their country and that will affect taxes and many other things.

Risk On Street

There is a few risk on street. From falling in the middle of Zebra cross when you get through it, Get crashed by a car when you crossing a highway. There’s so much unexpected accident that can happen on the street and government try to minimizing the chance of that happening to us. The only way we can do is to raise our attention and be more careful when we’re driving or doing anything on street.

That’s all the information about advanced technology on street from me. I hope this information can increase your knowledge about technology progress in our world. If you find this article useful, please share this to your friend or family. See you on my next article guys.

Harry Twog

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