Anti Mage Guide For Newbie Dota 2 Player

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Before we talk more about our topic let me ask you a few questions. So, you say you are a veteran player in Dota? Are you sure? Then how much time you need to build up a Battle Furry for Anti Mage hero? How much denied and last hit do you get in 10 minutes? What’s your first item for Anti mage? Well, maybe you need to read my Anti Mage guide today. I hope my guide today will help you to play and farm a lot better and faster. Check it out, guys.

Anti Mage Guide For Newbie

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There are so many people who say they are a veteran player in Dota 2 and when being asked how much their MMR number they will quote Dendi word that says “MMR is just a number!”. However, even though MMR is just a number for me this thing can be an indicator how good you play with the other people in Ranked Match. This number can tell you a lot of things. Do you know what’s the differentiation between high number MMR and the lower one? Well, the answer is the high Number will always make an item according to the situation they face in the battlefield and the lower number MMR will always copy what the higher number do. So, that’s why people like this will never be able to be a pro player.

So, what’s your first item for your Anti Mage build? Me? I will try to build a Poorman shield for the bonus agility and damage block that will help me survive in lane longer. My Anti Mage will also priority making a Battle Furry and buy boots of speed first then being upgraded to Boots of Travel or Power thread. I will also try to make Yasha as fast as possible. After that, I will upgrade it to Manta Style later in the middle game.

Do you know why I pick Manta rather than Sange and Yasha? Well, Manta Style is a good item because he will grant you 2 illusion with 45% your base damage and this item also useful to confuse and bait your enemies. To maximize the usage of my secondary skill I will try to make Abyssal Blade as fast as I can because the Bash effect from this item is so good to drain out enemy mana point.

Trick To Defeat Anti Mage

anti mage counter

If you say Anti mage is a jungle hero. Well, you are not totally right, because after the patch 7.04 people start to Laning rather than Jungling. However, pro player is really clever. They can maximize their farming ability with using both Laning and Jungling and this makes a monstrous differentiation in enemy gold and experience point.

However, even though Anti mage seems impossible to beat. You can kill him with a weak hero as long as he brings Orchid Malevolence to silent him. A weak hero that having a silence skill like Riki and Silencer also have a capability to kill him. That’s why Anti Mage user always ban all that heroes that have a possibility to be Anti Mage counter

So, what do you think about Anti Mage now? Do you still think Anti Mage is a monster hero? Well, I think my article today about Anti Mage guide ends here. I hope my article can help you to be a better player than anyone else. Thanks for coming to my website and reading my article today. I hope you will come and see my next article. See you soon and have a nice day guys.

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