Balmond Mobile Legends Hero Review

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. In this beautiful morning, I want to share you about Balmond mobile legends hero. Balmond is one mobile legends heroes. This hero always gets picked because of their easy gameplay. However, do you know who is Balmond?

Who is Balmond?

Well, as I said before in my first words. Balmond is a strong yet unique hero. He also has a unique background story that comes along with his appearance in the Mobile legends game. Here’s the story of Balmond in Mobile Legends.

It’s said Balmond comes from Bloodaxe Orcs race. Their race also knew as the straight descendants of interbreeding between blood demons. That’s the main reason why Balmond has devilish looks and become the strongest in Blood Orcs race. If you ask me, I will say it’s quite easy to play Balmond because of he have “Cyclone Sweep” skill that can nullify the effect of Physical damage. This hero also good for initiating team battle and that’s become the great reason for us to raising his defend. Balmond also has a deadly Ultimate skill named “Lethal Counter”, this skill will give an enemy total damage up to 20% of our destructive point we give to them as true damage + damage points from the skill itself.

Balmond Tips

To play this hero is really easy. Especially because he have tanker role from the beginning. With his high durability and his special power that will regain some of his HP after killing neutral creeps or other enemy, heroes make Balmond become unstoppable. However, without the right build, Balmond still can be killed. So, today I want to tell you how to make a “REAL MONSTER” in my Balmond tips.

  1. Buy something that can increase your movement speed and def first!
    • The only problem for Balmond is he have very slow movement speed. That’s why we need to buy a boot that can also give him and advantage in durability such as “Tough Boots”. That boots will improve his movement and magic resistance.
  2. Build blade armor.
    • Blade armor will return 25% of the damage from your attacker. That’s really brilliant idea because not many heroes in Mobile Legends have enough ability to survive.
  3. No need def if you are immortal!
    • Who said “YOLO” or “You Only Life Once” is a great word that can describe tanker life? No, it’s definitely wrong if you can resurrect after you die with “Immortality” item.
  4. Bring back what is yours!
    • Well, after fighting in epic battle, most of you are low in health right? However, if you build “BloodThirsty King” there is definitely impossible to stop you now.
  5. Chase your enemy to their grave.
    • Never get left behind anymore. Build “Brute Force Breastplate” with its unique ability to increase your movement and attack speed. This is a great cheap item for Balmond.

I think this tips about Balmond Mobile Legends hero is enough from me. I hope this information can help you to play Balmond better. If you find this article helpful for you, please share this with your friends. Thanks and see you again guys.

Harry Twog

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