Battle For The Galaxy Game Review and Informations For Newbie Player

Hello and good evening guys, welcome back to my website. Long time I haven’t talk about a strategy game like this. That is why this day I want to talk about a game called Battle For The Galaxy. Well, I think this game was inspired by the movie called Star Wars or Guardian of the Galaxy or something like that. Well, all I can say about Battle For The Galaxy game is this game really awesome. However, there are a lot of migrating player that still blind about this game. So, I will tell you about how to play this game and win every battle you do. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out now!

Battle For The Galaxy Review

battle for the galaxy tips

Battle For The Galaxy is a game that facility the players to access this game on three different platforms. So, you can access this game whether it is on Android, IOS, or even in a web browser. This game was released on 13 September 2016 by AMT Game as the publisher. With a total download of this game that hit 10 million downloads in Google Play Store and a rating 4 from 5 stars, I think this game is quite good and fun to play.

Well, even though the gameplay of this game is in the same genre and quite similar to a few games from SuperCell like Clash Of Clans, Boom Beach, and Clash Of Royale and also a few game from another publisher such as Clash Of Kings. AMT Game as the publisher of this game still chooses MMO-RTS as this game main genre. Well, aside from the uniqueness that provided by this Battle Of Galaxy game, there are a few special things in this game too and one of that is their gameplay!

Battle For The Galaxy Game

battle for the galaxy gameplay

The concept of the game is very similar to many other strategy games. You will need resources to build your base and create your units. You need to make upgrades to your resource building and create a good defense strategy to defend your base. There is a short tutorial of the game and it will help you about understand buildings and resources of the game. There will be also an information on attacks. You will need to find out weak sides of enemy bases and you will need to place your army.

There are three ways to collect resources in the game.

  1. You can collect them from resource buildings as we have mentioned above and you can battle against other players.
  2. There are many tasks on Battle for the Galaxy. If you complete these tasks, you will able to collect resources from them.
  3. You can also collect resources from PvP. However, you can lose units while you are doing this. You should be careful about your war strategy before you attack to your enemy.

However, like the other game in the same genre, this game also forces you to buy a lot of crystal with fantastic prices if you want to get stronger in no time. So, following those Battle Of Galaxy tips that I provide above isn’t enough. Well, because I’m in a good mood today, I will just give this Battle For The Galaxy hack link. After that, all you need to do is clicking at that website and following the instruction that written in there and after that, you can generate a lot of crystal as much as you want. Amazing, right? Well, what are you waiting for? Come and generate now! Thanks for coming and read my article about my Battle for the Galaxy game review and tips. I hope my tips today is useful for you. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day dude!

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