Best Action Anime All the Time || Watch it Right Away to See the Amazingness!

Hey anime lover, we are back again. Action indeed become the most favorite genre of anime. You will see many characters fight each other either use a high tech weapon, bare hand, or giant robot. Today, we have the list of best action anime all the time. For you who curious which one is the best, the list can cure your curiosity about this.

Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

attack on titan

The famous anime about surviving from a Titan. The human being cannot live in peace because of this giant monster. The protagonist of the story, Eren want to eliminate all Titans because his family gets eaten by them. In this anime, we will see humanity struggle and grab the peace by defeating all the remaining Titans. There are a lot of action on this show. The battle with the Titans is really superb and entertaining to see. This is one of the favorite anime of all time.

Naruto Shippuuden

naruto shipuuden

Another great action anime. Even though the story is a bit lame and contains many filler episodes. Here, we talk about the action elements. As for it, Naruto Shippuuden far surpass the prequel. In this series, Naruto already mature and want to save their friend, Sasuke from Orochimaru grasp. This anime contains a hundred episodes. Of course, the best one is the episode when Naruto fight against Madara Uchiha.

Dragon Ball Super

dragon ball super

The newest DB series. This one is a direct sequel from DBZ after the Buu arc. In this series, Goku and the friends will fight against the God from another universe. We will also see Goku new transformation. For you who want to reminisce this great series, you need to watch this one at all cost. Like always the action in this anime is really awesome.

Hunter X Hunter 2011

hunter x hunter 2011

This is a remake of old Hunter X Hunter anime. If you already watched the old version, the series end with cliffhanger. But, the 2011 version will continue and end the series with a good ending. The remake will feature an enhanced graphics and some new scene. As for the action element, you do not need to worry, this one will offer you the best. It is the time to see the Father of Gon.

Final Words

Many great action anime you should watch beside the list above. We only choose the best one which you need to see right away. Hopefully, you can find the best anime on the list. Let us share which one is your favorite and tell the reason why.

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