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Not only cartoon who have a movie version of their animated series, anime also have it. Here, we will give you the best and popular one. For people who look for it, you come to the right time. See it with your own two eyes the best anime movies you should watch in your free time.

Your Name

your name

In 2016, this one really booming. The story is about a boy and girl who suddenly have a strange phenomenon. Sometimes, their soul will exchange without any specific reason. The boy soul will go into the girl body and the opposite. After knowing each other life really well, both of them falling in love. But time does not allow them to meet easily. The story indeed really unique and make all people curious from watching it. For romance anime lover, this is your best one for sure.

Fate Stay Night Heaven’s Feel

fate stay night heaven's feel

Action anime indeed really worth to watch. We have the great recommendation called Fate Stay Night Heaven’s Feel. Actually Fate series is not really popular franchise but thanks to the game entitled Fate Grand Order, the popularity of this series skyrocketing. The story tells about Shiro, the protagonist who accidentally participate in an event called Holy Grail War. In order to find out the reason why his city burned out 7 years ago, he needs to win the game. We do not need to explain any further because you already know about it very well. For your information, the key in this movie is a girl named Sakura.

Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale

sword art online ordinal scale

After two years event of SAO II, Kirito and his friends get a new technology which really booming lately called Augma. It is quite hard to explain it but it is practically an augmented reality. The user only needs to wear a device which looks like a necklace in order to use it. From the device, there is a game called Ordinal Scale, it is using augmented reality system so we can play the game directly from the real life. Kirito who usually played VRMMORPG have difficulties to play OS because he needs to use his real body. There is also someone behind the scene takes advantages of this game and begin an evil plan.

Naruto the Last

naruto movie the last

This is the best Naruto movie indeed. Take place after Shinobi War, Naruto and his gang face a new crisis. He needs to face a new enemy from the moon. We can also see the romantic event between Naruto and Hinata. So, this movie not only about action, you can also see romance genre. For people who curious why Hinata like Naruto, you can find it on this movie.


So, which one is your favorite? As for us, all of them really good. We can say for sure you will not regret when watching it. For people who do not agree with the list, just share with us the best one in your opinion. Before you close the browser, you can also see the best action anime. See you again in the next article.

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