Best Places For The Holiday All Around The World!

Hello, and good morning guys, welcome me back to my website. This day I want to share with you about best places for the holiday all around the world. Well, my review this day is the best place that you can visit while you spend your holiday. So, do you already know about the best place to spend your free time? Do you know where you will spend your spare time? Check it out on my article today!

The Best Places For The Holiday All Around The World

best holiday destinations

I believe everyone in here wants to spend a nice and comfortable time when you are given a time for the holiday. However, not every people know about the best holiday destinations to visit, right? Well, without wasting more times, check out my list below about the best places for your summer vacation.

Summer Vacation Destination

  1. India.
    • You should consider visiting this country. Why do I suggest you visit this country? Well, it’s because you only need around €15 or around 15.000 rupees a day if you only eat local thalis ( plate meals) and only stay in a hotel. Well, there are several places that you can visit in this country such as Pink City, Taj Mahal, and a few other places.
  2. Cambodia.
    • With beds for £2.50 and lip-smacking food for less than that, Cambodia is such a cheap place to go on holiday that you can feel guilty for paying so little. Where once travelers often feared to tread, Cambodia is now very much on the Southeast Asia travel scene, particularly among backpackers and, increasingly, holidaymakers looking for five-star luxury without the price tag.
  3. Chile.
    • Chile winning World Travel Awards. Because it’s a whopping 2,650 miles long, yet never more than 150 miles wide – and is packed with ecosystems, biodiversity, topographies. It has 36 national parks, some of the most extreme environments on Earth.

Specific Place For Your Vacation


  1. Iceland, Landmannalugar.
    • The astonishing landscape of Landmannalaugar, its mountains streaked in varying shades of orange and brown (and at times, blue and green), still feels remarkably off-the-beaten track in Iceland. Those that do make it here come for the hiking or – and more appropriate for those in search of relaxation – the hot springs. These are about as natural as they come – scalding water emerges from underneath lava to meet a cold water flow, creating the perfect, scenic conditions for a soak.
  2. Thailand, National Park
    • Ko Samui and Ko Pha Ngan have plenty of perfect beaches for even the weariest of traveler, head to nearby Ang Thong National Park for a real sense of getting away from it all. This group of 42 small, lush islands boasts the kind of winning combination of sand and rainforest that millions of Western travelers have dreamt of since The Beach. Whether you dive among the coral reefs, seek out your own pristine bay or spot macaques in the rainforest, you’ll have left stresses of real life far behind you.

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