Bounty Hunter Dota 2, Tips and Tricks

Hello and good morning guys. Welcome back to my website. Today I want to share you a topic about one of the most sneaky heroes, its’ Bounty Hunter Dota 2 hero. However, do you know who is Bounty Hunter? Where did he get his title? What is his intention following the great war of ancients in Dota 2? Let’s find out more about his story today.

Bounty Hunter Dota 2

There are so many people who hate Rikimaru or any other invisible heroes or maybe the Shadow Blade user. That’s why pick rate of this hero compete with Slardar. As the only one hero who can raise up the bounty price of the enemy team. This hero is quite tricky to use in a big tournament. Besides this hero can help the carry to achieve more golds or bounty price for enemies heroes every time¬†they kill it. Bounty Hunter also has a few useful skill that helps the team in the battlefield.

In a few Bounty Hunter guide, we can see Gondar used as Nuker or maybe semi-support. However, this hero also has another hidden potential because of the newest update. The skill tree allowing Gondar becoming one of the most feared headhunters in Dota 2.

  1. Shadow Walk
    • His ability to fade away and gone invisible with Shadow Walk make him an undetectable enemy, this will hold up the progress of enemy team item progress also make them feel unsafe when farming in the jungle.
  2. Shuriken Toss
    • He also tricky because he can use a Shuriken Toss skill to stop enemies from running away from him. Shuriken Toss skill will affect the enemies with Mini-Bash chance and stop any casting enemies do. Further, if you upgrade this skill with Aghanim’s Scepter, this skill will bounce several times to the nearest enemies units whether it’s hero or neutral creeps.
  3. Jinada
    • Allow him to do critical attacks every 1 second if you take the Jinada mastery in Talent tree and 6 seconds you don’t pick it. This skill can be so deadly if you raising your Bounty Hunter physical damage. However, there are so many people who prefer to use magical damage with Dagon than makes physical damage Gondar.
  4. Track
    • This is his ultimate and worst skill. Doing no damage but can be so harmful to enemies team. With its low cooldown time. This skill is an enemy of every invisible enemy. This skill allows you to raise up enemy team bounty and giving them True Vission to invisible units.

Bounty Hunter Gameplay

There are so many possibilities you can take if you playing Bounty Hunter. However, in Bounty Hunter gameplay, you can choose which role suit you the most. Whether it’s semi-support with taking advantage of you ultimate skills to fulfill your gold needs to support your team or the Carry role with taking advantage of you Jinada and Shuricane Toss skill to kill your enemies as fast as possible without leaving any witness.

However, to play Bounty Hunter I really suggest you keep yourself a low profile. Especially if there’s Slardar in enemies team. Don’t make them feels like you are pissing them off. You only make the situation going worst for you and yourself.

Well, I think my information today about Bounty Hunter Dota 2 is enough for today. If you find this article helpful for you, please share this to another Dota 2 player. Please help to make Dota 2 game even better. Thanks for reading my article today, see you soon guys.

“You may fool the others, but not me!”

-Gondar, The Bounty Hunter

Harry Twog

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