Causes Of Flooding, Natural Cause or Human Foolishness?

Hello guys, welcome back to my site. I want to ask you a very simple question. What’re the causes of flooding? What do you think about flooding? Is it Normal for you? Or it’s because of human foolishness. Well, let’s discuss that now.

Causes Of Flooding

Do you live near a river? Or you live on crowd civilization country? So, where do you live? If you live on both of that place I said before I suggest you to move. I know the land price lately rise higher and become more expensive. However, you don’t have any other choice, right? Or you want to live with so much bacteria and virus every time the rain comes and caused flooding because of bad drainage on your city. Well, not everyone knowing the cause of flooding in their city. They have less sympathy on their mind and only care about their own self. If we want to see, there are so many reasons why our city gets this disaster. Here’s a few list of it.

  1. The main reason why your city flooded is the river in your city reached its maximum capacity and start to fill another surface.
  2. Illegal logging makes there’s no other place to absorb the water. So, there’s some kind of chain effect when you are doing illegal logging.
  3. Increased number on littering thing to the river.
  4. People density start increasing day by day. This will lead to no free space to plant a tree for drainage.
  5. High Intensity on rainfall can cause a temporary flood on your place. Don’t worry too much except its getting higher than usual.
  6. Tsunami, this is a rare thing to happen. However, if tsunami starts to surge your country. Escape! There’s no need to think! Save yourself or else you will die!

The Danger of Flood

Do you know there’s a danger even in the smallest thing in this world? We can’t run from it. We can’t hide from it. The only thing we can do is to delay the impact and keep surviving. There are a few danger of flood if you want to know. Well, I will explain it one by one to you.

  1. If there is a river near to your home, stay alerted. There’s a high chance some wild animal dragged by water when flood attacking your house.
  2. There’s a high chance you will suffer great loss because of the flood. Well, make sure you keep your thing save in the bank.
  3. High cost for the government to recover the city condition after the flood.
  4. The price for people basic needs will raise because there is a rarity on supply.

There are so many disadvantages when flood attacks your city. So, do you want to know how to prevent a flood from attacking your city? Well, I will explain it to you a few ways to prevent a flood.

  1. Try to raise public awareness to not littering to the river.
  2. Try to dig up the river on your city or you can ask the government to do that.
  3. Plant some plants to do reforestation. It will help you make some drainage for your own sake.

There is a few tips and information from me about the causes of flooding. If you find this article helpful for you, please share with you friends or families. Well, I hope we can meet again in my next article. See you soon.

Harry Twog

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