Chicken or Egg? Which One Come First?

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to give you a legendary question, chicken or egg? Which one come first? Well, you must be ever heard this joke or prank right? So, which one come first? What do you think? Egg first? or Chicken first? Well, this question finally finds its answer and I will tell you which one come first in my article today. So, stay tuned.

Chicken or Egg? Who Come First?

Well, this one is really an old joke. I already hear about this joke million times. However, when scientist hears about this joke they take it seriously, LOL. They are really curious about which one come first, chicken? Or egg? So they start researching about that.

Stephen Hawking the famous scientist and of the most clever person. He said the answer to this question is egg come first before the chicken. However, Scientist from Warwick and Sheffield has proved Hawking answer about this question is totally wrong. According to the result from long research to find the answer from this question, Chicken come first before the egg. The question now is how can that possible? If there’s no egg, how can there be a chicken? What’s the prove chicken come before the egg?

Prove Chicken Come First

The scientist from Sheffield and Warwick has proved chicken is really an awesome animal. They can make something that human even can’t make something close to it. According to the result of their research, there’s a unique protein called Ovocledidin-17 and this protein only available in chicken ovarium. Interesting right? How chicken can make their only protein. This protein works to crystallize egg shell. This protein also works without stopping even a second, this protein is the initiator to build chicken egg shell before making any other parts. That’s become the prove chicken come first before the egg. You must be asking how chicken be there if they show up before the egg. The scientist also explains and reminding us about evolution. The chicken we know this day are not a chicken million years ago they are evolving until they can be like this day. However, maybe you will also think about this if chicken didn’t have this protein that can crystalize thing maybe their egg shell will be squishy, LOL.

Human Try To Replicate Chicken Egg

There’s no other animal can make a shell for their egg like a chicken. However, human try to replicate chicken egg shell for their benefits. There’s even a further research about that. The scientist said unique ability from Ovovledidin-17 to crystallize thing can be used to help human for several things. They also said this unique ability can be used for a human to strengthen synthetic bone or to reduce pollution. However, this benefits still need further research from our scientist before we can use it in our life.

I think this is all the information about chicken or egg I can give to you. I hope this information can solve your curious about chicken or egg that come first. If you find this article helpful or fun enough you can share this article with your friend. This is not goodbye, I really hope we can meet again in my next article. See you again guys.

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