Definition Of Cryptozoology, Do You Believe in Mythical Creatures?

Hello guys, welcome back to our website. Today, I want to share with you about the definition of Cryptozoology. Well, this is a very interesting topic because not everyone knows about this. Do you know what is Cryptozoology? Do you know what is a mythical animal? Well, I will give you a brief explanation about that as my topic today.

Definition Of Cryptozoology

Do you ever imagine if we life between the pegasus or maybe a dragon? Well, this question makes a scientist make further research about that and that’s called cryptozoology. So, what it is the definition of cryptozoology? Cryptozoology is a lesson about something that we believe exist but still hidden until now. Cryptozoology is known to studying about the legendary animal. However, do you know an example of Cryptid animal in your country? Well, let’s discuss them now.

What is Mythical Creature?

After knowing the meaning of cryptozoology, why not try to find out what is mythical creatures? Do you know about the mythical creature? Do you ever see one of them? Or maybe your country have one legend about them? Well, I will give you a brief explanation about a mythical creature.

The mythical creature is a creature that is unverifiable but popularly accepted as possibly factual. However, do you know one of them, huh? Well, I can guess you all know about this creature but I’m here to give you a few more example of mythical creature.

The Most Popular Mythical Creatures

Here are some of the most popular mythical creatures from around the world.

  1. Yeti
    • Yeti is a humanoid mythical creature that lives in Nepal or Himalayan Mountain. Some people also called him Himalayan sasquatch because Yeti and BigFoot share almost similar form. Yeti also have another name like Meh-Teh.
  2. BigFoot
    • BigFoot or also known as sasquatch is a humanoid creature or sometimes described as a simian-like creature. People sometimes report seeing BigFoot inside the forest in the Pacific NorthWest. They say BigFoot have a big posture, hairy, with a muscular body and 2 until 3 meters height. BigFoot will scare you to death if you meet them face to face.
  3. Lochness Monster
    • Lochness Monster also known as Nessie live in Scotland’s lake. Some people think Nessie is just a Hoax story from Scotland people, the other believe it as a dragon, and some people say it was plesiosaurus from dinosaur family. However, no one can give us a solid proof about Nessie and no one also can tell us that Nessie is a lie. Nessie still a mystery until now.
  4. Mermaid
    • Mermaid is well known because of her beauty. She lives in the water and really hard to see her and because of her popularity. Mermaid sometimes becomes a figure in some movies. Well, you can believe it or not but there are still Pro-Con about this creature.

I think this is all the information from me about the definition of cryptozoology. I hope this information can be used by you for good sake. If you find this article helpful for you or maybe interesting, please share this to your friend. Well, thanks for reading my article. See you soon guys.

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