Don’t Ever Give Up, Tips How to Face a Failure

People tend to give up when they get a failure because they do not know how to face it. Then, they choose to move to another field. Unfortunately, they made a mistake. Here, I have tips for you to not giving up if you face a failure and why you should keep what you have done.

Failure is something horrible, everyone thought so. People scare to face a failure because they are not ready yet. However, there is something in the failure that we can learn. What are they? they are about increasing our success rate and giving us lot of experience.

People rarely think about what will they get from failure. They often dream about their success. What will they do after achieving their success and so on. One thing that you have to consider is to think about its risk. Everything has a risk. We can’t even avoid it.

Now, this is your choice whether to keep about what you have done or not. Nevertheless, I have something to be considered why you should keep what you have done. Can you guess it? It is about increasing your success rate. Have you ever tried trying to learn about something? Then, you feel so hard at the first time but you can feel much easier at the second time. The next time, you can almost do it perfectly. That’s learning!

However, people who give up at the first time. They waste their time actually. It is just like planting a tree then after several weeks we cut off the tree. We got nothing from it. It is totally different when we keep the tree, waiting for the fruit. Then, we harvest it. It is just like doing something. If we try at the first time, we could feel difficulties but we must keep moving until we can do it properly. Anyway, I have some tips for you to not leaving what you have done at this time. What are they?

Tips to keep moving while you face a failure

  1. Make your goal, what goals after you achieve it
  2. Always think you can do it, sometimes when we think bigger we could be bigger than what we are
  3. Get positive face from your surroundings, you can try to talk to your friends about your problem. Sometimes, motivation from others could build up our mental
  4. Don’t think too much! Thinking too much would be resulting in a failure because you haven’t do anything but you have to think about the risk a lot. You could think about the risk but don’t forget that we can’t reach anything without action.
  5. Think about the progress, not about the result.

That is all from me about how to face a failure in your life. I really hope this article could be your motivation. Maybe it could solve your problem in the short time but it could help you easier when you face your problem. Let us change our self today to be stronger than we are. One quote that I want you to know was coming from Thomas Alva Edison. Surely, you have known about this inventor. The quote is “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10.000 ways which won’t work”.


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