Dota 2 Tricks To Defeat Slark The Thief And Win The Game!

Do you know how to kill Slark the Thief from the deep seas? Slark is the most feared hero in Dota 2. He is being feared because of his ability to regenerate his health point if he is unseen in the map. However, this hero also can be countered if we know the tricks to counter it. That’s why today I want to share you a topic about Dota 2 tricks to defeat Slark the Thief. So, are you curious? Do you want to know how to counter him? Check out my article today!

Dota 2 Tricks To Win Against Slark!

Dota 2 tips

Do you know why Slark is so overpowered even though he get nerfed again and again? Honestly, I think it’s because of his ultimate skill that has two functions. The first function is passive that will allow Slark regen some of his health points if he is missing from enemies vision and the second function is active skill that allows Slark to dismiss for a moment and turn into a black cloud, this cloud can’t be clicked or targeted, Slark ability to regen his health point will also increase amazingly inside that cloud.

However, even though he is hiding behind the cloud, this doesn’t mean that he is can’t get a damage. He can still get a damage from a hero that have an area of damage ability like Lina, Slardar, Kunka, or even Tide Hunter. Slark is a squishy hero and to counter Slark you only need to pick several heroes that have an area of damage heroes as Slark counter heroes. That’s why I will suggest you pick Slark in the middle phase of picking or maybe if allowed to pick it in the fourth phase.

Dota 2 Tips

slark counter

Well, as you know Slark is really squishy and easily died on the battlefield. That’s why he need some kind of extra cover to make him survive in the battlefield. Usually, I will suggest you follow my Dota 2 tips but this time would be a little different. If you think this advice does not suit your gameplay style you can ignore it.

There are a lot of tips that I want to give you but here are a several very important tips that you should know before fighting against Slark.

  1. Watch him regularly!
    • Because Slark is quite deadly in the late game, you need to disturb him in the early stage of a game. Annoy him with denied and tower hugging will be much better than letting last hitting your creeps and put yourself in danger by far away from your tower.
  2. Never let him alone!
    • Never ever let Slark alone and leave no one to disturbing Slark farming. I swear that you will regret this decision later.
  3. Put wards and control the movement of Slark!
    • Putting Wards on several places will make Slark unable to activate his ability to regenerate his health point. This will make Slark that have low health point and defend struggle even more!
  4. Gank him no matter what!
    • Ganking him is the best way to make him suffer even more. Because Slark has no ability to fight a lot of enemies in a battle. He will die for sure. However, make sure that you surround him and make no possible escape route for this hero! Because as you know he is fishy fish!

Well, I think my article today about Dota 2 tricks on how to counter Slark is enough for you. Share this article with the other people who also struggle to fight Slark. Thank you for coming to my website and reading my article today. I hope we will meet again in my next article. See you soon and have a nice day guys.

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