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A game which has a Dragon in it is really exciting. We are sure you agree with our statement. The game entitled Dragonvale is really great, it is released exclusively on the smartphone device. This is one of the greatest farming game which uses a Dragon as the main theme. You can do many things such as a battle with enemy Dragon, manage your farm, and many more. Indeed this game is really fun, to make it more awesome we provide you Dragonvale useful tips.

Friends Are Important

Invite your friends as many as possible is really helpful. If you manage to get many friends, each of them will give you free money if you visit their Dragon farm. Also, you will get additional reward dependĀ on your account level. So, if you do not have enough money, you can do this method. It is quite effective to earn a lot of money.

Clean Your Island

For the first time you play the game you will see your island is really messy. There are rocks, grass, and twigs all over the place. You need to clean it immediately to increase your limited space. Remember, you cannot build a new facility on the rock. Be sure to clean all the obstacles on your island to build more facility. Sometimes, you will find an unknown item when removing the grass. So, it is not futile at all.

dragonvale gameplay

Breed Your Dragon Quickly

For you who do not know, the main theme in this game is about breeding. The one who can breed a strong Dragon is the winner. You need to build the breeding facility before you can breed the Dragon. It requires two Dragons in order to start. There are many combinations you can do to obtain a strong one. You need to try it for yourself to find the unique one.

Manage Your Dragons Food

Each Dragon has different favorite food. If you feed them with the food they do not like, the affection of the Dragon will decrease. Of course, you do not want this one to happen you need to be cautious. Before you give them a food, see the status first and look at the favorite food section. From there, you can serve the one which suitable for your beloved Dragon.


Manage your Dragon and the island is not really easy. We already made the tips which you can follow right away to play this game without any problem. If you want to ask a question about it, just write down in the comment box. We will reply your message immediately. For you who want to get the main currency without spending your real money, just visit the site below.


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