Fear of Cockroach, Disgusting Or Just Afraid?

Hello and welcome back to our site guys. This day I want to share about fear of cockroach to you. Maybe for some people, this sounds really funny and tickle. You must be imagining a guy who has fear with cockroach running, screaming like a girl because he sees a cockroach approaching him. Well, can we pause that imagination for a while because I also need to explain about this illness to you, right? Let’s see if you can still thinking a man running and screaming like a girl because of his phobia still funny to you.

Fear Of Cockroach

Every single human must know about this animal. With their two antennas and their *krsk* sounds when they move around us. And what makes them become scarier than before is they can fly when they feel they are intimidated. Well, if you want me to confess, yes, I’m afraid with cockroach too. Especially when they are starting to flying around me. It feels like watching a horror movie for me or maybe worst than that.

Sorry I involved my own story today, LOL. Well, let’s talk more serious and back to the topic. So, what is the definition of katsaridaphobia? It is an extreme fear to a cockroach that caused by traumatic experience when they are still a kid. This phobia formed from their bad experience with a cockroach or seeing something or hearing something that caused traumatic experience in their subconscious mind.

How To Cure Katsaridaphobia?

After hearing my story and the explanation of Katsaridaphobia. Some of you maybe will say “that’s me” and with impatient will waiting for me to tell you how to cure katsaridaphobia, LOL. Enough joking, here’s a few method to cure your phobia.

  1. Find the main reason of your phobia
    • If you can bravely dig up your own phobia maybe you can find your main reason to your unreasonable fear. Well, I have tried this before and somehow this is works for me. However, the same method is not always suitable for other people.
  2. Find someone to help you with your phobia
    • It’s psychological proved that people can cure their phobia easier and faster when they have someone on their side to encouraging them and because of that it’s really important for you to find someone who can support your mental recovery.
  3. Fix your perception
    • Perception always becomes the next reason why people have a phobia. Before you can fix your own perception there is no guarantee you can get rid of this phobia. The source of every fear and phobia is your lack of braveness and your misperception of something. Remember that!

Well, to get rid of your fear of cockroach you need a lot of effort but you still can’t get rid of your phobia and this starts to annoy your life, maybe you need an expert help. Even you will lose someone for the price of their help, at least, you can get back your peaceful day, LOL. I think this is the end of my article today. Thanks for becoming my reader this day. I hope we can meet again in my next article, see you.

Harry Twog

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