Greedy Cave Review and Tips For Newbie

Hello and good morning guys. Welcome back to my website, this day I want to share with you about one of my favorite game. Well, honestly, I’m a Summoner War and Brave Frontier game player. However, suddenly, my friends tell me to play Greedy Cave game and tell me that this game is similar and more fun to play. Well, because I’m tired of playing those games, I tried to move to this game and well, this game is quite fun to play. Wanna know more about this game? Come and look at Greedy Cave review.

Greedy Cave Review

Greedy cave tips

The greedy cave is a cave crawler based game genre. With your main obstacle to collect as much chest as you can and finishing each floor that available on this game. Greedy Cave becomes the most played cave crawler game genre. The greedy cave is published by Avalon games.

The features that available on this game itself is really unique and different than the other games. Well, you know this game providing a random cave system that will generate a few different monsters every time you play, hundreds of monster to defeat, hundreds of equipment to collect and use, hundreds of achievement and quest to conquer and complete, enchanting system, and most of it is the gold collecting and leveling system.

Greedy Cave Strategy

greedy cave review.jpg

greedy cave review.jpg

Well, even though this game is quite easy to play and doesn’t require a lot of Greedy Cave tricks and tips. There are still a lot of people that get a hard time on playing this game and ends up searching for Greedy cave tips on the internet. It’s not like I want to look superior or anything else but I’m here to share a few Greedy Cave strategy that I use on this game sometimes to conquer this game easily. So, are you curious? Check it out!

  1. Prepare yourself with a lot of Potions!
    • Well, because you are still a low-level character, you will need a lot of Potions that you can find on the store with buying it or collected it from the Cave. Sometimes you can find it on the chest that guarded by a few monsters.
  2. Know your limit!
    • You need to know when you need to charge forward and when you need to retreat and step back. Don’t move and charge forward if you only want to grab a pitiful box that guarded by 3 high-level monsters. Try to move around and find the gap or easier access to get that box!
  3. Power Up?
    • You can get a few power ups that will boost up your power drastically in a few place. This power ups rune look like a shiny magical seals on the floor and all you need to do is step on it!
  4. Don’t rush.
    • Sometimes grinding a little while on a low-level stage could be wiser. Why? Because you can defeat monsters easily and save your Potion for another business.

However, if you still stuck on this game because you are a lack of crystals. I think you can use this trick to strengthen your character. Why? Because this Greedy Cave hack can give you a lot of crystals and help you to upgrade your character and make it stronger.

Thanks for coming to my website and read my article about Greedy Cave review today. I hope my review today is useful for you. Please share my article today with the other Greedy Cave player. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day dude.

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