Heroes Evolved Tips To Play Ares The God Of War!

Howdy and good morning guys welcome back to my website. So, how’s your rank? Do you succeed to rank up your ID? Last I night I succeed to raise my rank to Electrum and that’s so satisfying. Well, let’s go back to the topic, lately, R2Games launch a brand new hero again to satisfy the player. I know a lot of you already know that latest update is quite a big surprise for a lot of players especially when R2Games launch a guild system and one of the most powerful heroes, Ares The God Of War to the game. However, because this hero can be categorized as a new hero, there are not so many websites that write about Heroes Evolved tips to play this hero. That’s why I want to share my tips to you. Curious? Check out my review on Ares below!

Heroes Evolved Review

Heroes evolved review

In my Heroes Evolved review, I already mentioned that after launched on Google Play Store a few years ago, R2Games already change this game so much. Do you know that lately this game already hit success by their unique theme and left all the competitor of Heroes Evolved left behind? Well, the hottest issue even mentions that Moontoon as the publisher of Mobile Legends the main competitor of Heroes Evolved sued by League Of Legends because of the plagiarism problem.

Well, regardless of the issue that spread lately, Heroes Evolved already strengthen their name in the world of MOBA game. The rise of Ares the God Of War, even more, strengthen the name of Heroes Evolved in the player heart. Ares as the newest hero in Heroes Evolved world already takes so many player attention. Not only because this hero having a cool design, this hero also has a unique skill.

Heroes Evolved Tips

Heroes evolved item build

Because there are not many people that write about the tips to play Ares the God Of War, people lately use their imagination and start to experiment with their items build. Well, this day I will try to share some Heroes Evolve item build for Ares. Curious? Check it out!

  1. Demonic Mask
    • This item is a good item for Ares aside because this hero is an initiator in war. His burst damage also can be a great benefit for him to take down his enemy and to regenerate his health point.
  2. Death God’s Hand
    • Providing you with Damage, defend piercing, and cooldown reduction this item is really great for Ares the God Of War!
  3. Emperor’s Armor
    • This item will provide you with defend and magical aura to reduces enemies armor too. This item is really suitable for initiator like you!
  4. Golden Staff(Optional)
    • Build this item only if you meet ZhaoYun, NightShade, or people with evade item.

Just remember this build is can be adjusted according to the situation. Thank you for coming to my website and read my article today about Heroes Evolved tips. If you think my tips today is useful for you, please share my article today with the other Heroes Evolved player. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day dude.

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