How To Heal a Broken Heart After You Breaking Up?

Who says becoming a boy is easier than becoming a woman? Who says that they will give everything as long as they will be born again to be a man? Well, I┬áthink anyone who says that is a total idiot! So, why do I say like that? Isn’t that true that becoming a boy is a lot easier? Yeah, it’s a lot easier if you only see and feel the happiest part of becoming a boy. You don’t know anything about man! According to some research, man is the most fragile living being that like to faked their emotion. Especially when they are feel dumped. Rather than ask to their friends on how to heal a broken heart, they will just keep it all to their self!

That’s why I think a man is really professional at lying about their feeling. However, not every man is blessed with that kind of power. There are a lot of them that even can’t survive that storm. That’s why I will share some of my tips about this problem to all of you.

How To Heal a Broken Heart After You Breaking Up?

how to cure heartbreak

You lose only when you giving up with the reality! #FoolishBoy

There are a lot of easier ways to get rid of your sadness after breaking up with someone special for you. However, sometimes people fail to deal with heartbreak and ends up trapped in long and useless desperation. The question now is, how we make a deal with it and let it go. Well, there are a lot of ways to do that’s why I write it on a list below!

  1. Cure your pain with giving yourself space.
    • By giving yourself space from anyone and let yourself grief. Who knows maybe you will feel a lot better. Well, this is the only way on how to cure heartbreak of you are deeply broken!
  2. Learn to accept and let go.
    • The only way to cure yourself of deep heart broken is with accepting the fact that they don’t want you and learn to let go everything about them. You can start with deleting the picture and their name from your phone!
  3. Talk with your friends.
    • Friend will be there no matter what is your problem, right? Then why not try to talk it with your friend? You will feel a lot better once you have done it.
  4. Let yourself to cry.
    • Who said that adult didn’t allow to cry? Go, cry ad much as you want but remember! That’s your last tears about them!
  5. Move on!
    • When everything is done and when your heart color already shines again. It’s the sign you are ready to accept other love. Try to find a new nest to place your love.

Well, I hope my article today about how to heal a broken heart is useful enough for you. If you think my article today is useful and worth to share, please share my article today with the other people. Who knows maybe they also need this, right? Well, thanks for coming and sparing a few minutes to read my article today. I hope we will meet again in my next article. See you soon and have a nice day dude!

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