Kappa The Water God In Japan

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share you about one of the most popular folklore in Japan. It’s about Kappa the water god. However, what do you know about this mythology animal? Do you ever read about him? Do you ever see or heard anything bout him? Well, let’s know him more today.

Kappa The Water God

Do you ever hear about the legend of Kappa? In movie or story maybe? So, Who is Kappa? Kappa is a mythical animal, his story comes from very ancient age. The Kappa is typically depicted as a human-like creature or we also can say, Kappa is a humanoid creature in form of a child. This human-like creature inhabits in the river, ponds, or lakes in Japan.

Their appearance itself is shown as a bald creature and smell like fish, he has a beak and shell in his back. Some folks also say Kappa have a cavity on his head, that cavity needs to be filled with the water from his place because that water will become his power source. There is a change from region to region about Kappa appearance looks like. Some people say he is green the other say they are yellow and some witness tell the color of Kappa is blue.

Some people tell Kappa is an evil creature because they like to drowning people to the deep, the other say Kappa is responsible for child kidnapping, woman raping and also for eating human flesh. He blamed for everything because he is a water monster.

How To Avoid Kappa?

As a water monster, their tribe always blamed if someone drowns in the river. Even the truth they are troublemakers and so tricky. Kappa itself isn’t as bad as we think some say Kappa isn’t an evil creature. They are just curious about human civilization. They even understand Japanese language and they also offer a friendship to the person who gives them “soba”, cucumber, “Nasu”, as an exchange.

So, what do you think about him? What? Do you still need the proof of Kappa kindness? Well, Kappa is a creature that really treasures a friendship once they become your friend they will help you doing your tasks as human-like doing a work to irrigate their land. Sometimes they even bring a fresh fish as a present and the sign of fortune to the person who receives it. They also have a great knowledge about the medicine and well known because of his wisdom. Here are a few nicknames of Kappa you need to know.

  1. Kawataro (river child)
  2. Komahiki (horse puller)
  3. Kawataro (river tiger)
  4. water monkey
  5. water ghost

I think my information about Kappa the water god ends today. I hope this information can help you to know more about some Japanese folklore. If you think this article helpful for you or your friends, please share this with them. I hope we can meet again. See you next time guys, thanks for reading

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