Long Distance Relationship, Hard Stay With One Heart?

Hello guys, welcome to my website. Today I want to share you a topic about long distance relationship. So, do you know what is long distance relationship? Well, as I guess you know about this. However, do you know how to passed this phase? Well, let’s discuss it now.

Long Distance Relationship

Every single person on this earth really wants a happy life and one of the way to achieve happiness is to find someone you love. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find someone who can spend all the time with them. Some of them need to spend their long day and night alone, thinking their love that apart far away from them. Some of them also depart because of their job responsibilities that force them to move far away.

So, what is the definition of long distance relationship? Do you know it? Or maybe you are doing it right now? Well, to make sure everyone knowing about the meaning of long distance relationship, I will try to give you some short explanation. The meaning of long distance relationship itself is a condition where a couple is forced to depart by a distance. So, there’s no possibility to do any physical contact between them for a certain time.

Maintain Your Long Distance Relationship

So, if they are apart by a distance and there’s no possibility to do physical contact so how to maintain their relationship, huh? I know it’s quite hard to maintain your relation if both of you depart for quite long time. You maybe will forget┬ásomething important for your couple. Or maybe you will also forget your anniversary day? So, how to maintain your long distance relationship?

Well, maybe I will give some advice to every couple who go through a period of long distance relationship.

  1. Try to maintain your communication with your loved one.
    • Well, in this modern era, distance isn’t a trouble anymore. We can still keep maintaining our communication if we have a will to do it.
  2. Set your schedule and free up some time so you can still have time to meet him/her.
    • As a busy person sometimes it’s quite hard to set up our schedule or maybe to free up some time for them. However, to keep our relationship stay in the lane, we still need to free up some time, right? Even just to take a coffee break together or a romantic lunch?
  3. Try to keep supporting each other
    • Even if you are departing by the distance from your couple. It can’t stop you to keep supporting him/her to chasing their dream. Try to listen more to every story they tell to you and try to give a solution if needed. You also need to stay available┬áto make him/her didn’t feel like being left by you.

Well, I hope my article today about long distance relationship can help you to maintain your relation. If you find this article helpful for you and the other people you know, please share this article with them. I guess this is enough this day, see you on my next article guys.

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