Memories From Childhood and Why We Miss Them?

Hello guys, it’s really a pleasant to know you are coming back. Today I want to share you about memories from childhood and why we miss them. Well, I can’t tell all my reader already grown up, right? Yeah being a grown up is really fun. We can’t avoid it and we are growing older and older every single day. Now we know why time become so precious because we are restricted by it. This is really different than when we are still a kid, we love to spend our times to something fool and useless. However, that’s what makes and give us an unforgettable memory for us.

Memories From Childhood

We can’t lie, most of us missing it, right? Childhood always becomes the most precious thing to missed for. From the silly things we do when we are still innocent to all our naughtiest thing, we do when we are still a kid. Well, it’s really different with our adult world. Where we need to hold so many responsibilities. Yeah, most of us want to jump back to the past if just the time machine already invented in our era. However, we need to swallow all that bitter reality and adapt with it.

However, do you know the reason we miss our childhood? Yeah, maybe we miss them because there are no job responsibilities, or maybe it’s because we still don’t know about love. Yeah, we miss it because life is so much easier that time. We spend most of our time sitting and watching our most favorite cartoon all day. We spend it playing outside house, waiting for our mom’s finish baking a cake for us. Yeah, that’s the most precious thing we can hold up in our memories.

Lessons From Our Childhood

There are so many things we can learn from our childhood. Especially when we are suddenly reminded of it. This can be a sign of our body to take a rest a little because we are to stress from our job. This also can be the sign you are missing your hometown. Try to visit your village or hometown once and maybe you can take a rest and relax a bit.

Here are a few lesson from our childhood that we forget as we are growing up.

  1. We don’t need to be rich to gain happiness.
    • That’s the most common thing we forget as we grown up. We always value money more than anything, we even forget how to have fun without it. If just you want to look deeper yourself, happiness can be achieved as simple as breathing.
  2. We can be friends with everyone.
    1. Racism issue has been spreading all over the world. However, if we look at two babies talking to each other with their own language we can know, the source of racism isn’t us but our own ego! We don’t want to accept the difference between us and them.
  3. Honesty.
    1. This honesty word is the most expensive word in our grown up world. Sometimes we are even forced to lie to the other when we are working with other people. Yeah, honesty becomes so hard to find when we are a grown up. This is so different than when we are still a kid.

I hope this article about memories from childhood can be useful for you. If you find this article helpful and interesting enough, please share this article with your friends. Thanks for coming back to my website, see you soon guys.

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