Mobile Legends Heroes Review: Karrie The Lost Star

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. This day I want to share with you about mobile legends heroes review. Well, my review this day is about Karrie the Lost Star. So, how much you know about our elf king? Do you know how to use her unbearable speed? Do you know how to become a great carry for your teammates? Find out how to be a good carry that useful for your team today only on my website!

Mobile Legends Heroes Review: Karrie The Lost Star

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There are so many heroes that being updated by Moontoon as the developer of this game. The number of heroes that available on this game grows up faster and faster along with the game complexity. However, even though the complexity of this game grows much complex each time big update coming. The player of this game will adapt their own self in no time and the loser will leave this game with unfair feeling. Well, this is what the developer try to teach us. That loser will be left alone behind everyone. That’s why to make you not left behind, you need a new hero that suits with your gameplay and mastering it! Why not give a shot to Karrie and look at my Mobile Legends tips? Who knows maybe my tips would be useful for you.

Karrie the Lost Star is the newest ranged hero in Mobile Legends and that means we got another MM hero after this updates. Well, even though carry is a ranged carry that also a combination of assassin type hero, Karrie only equipped by a medium power of ability damage that’s also become the biggest obstacle for her. Why does it become an obstacle for her? Well, it’s because Karrie itself not having any useful skill that can help her to kill all of her enemies on the battle field. Most of Karrie skills is a buff to strengthen her power which is not really useful in the early game.

Karrie The Lost Star Item Build

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Well, even though Karrie the Lost Star is a strong ranged hero with a high offensive point. I think you still need a proper item build to boost up your damage. Well, to help you with the item build, I will share my best item build and Mobile Legends tips below. Check it out!

Karrie Item Build:
  1. Demon Hunter Sword + Karrie’s ult.
    • This is the best combination that will wipe out enemies that brave enough to ask you on 1 on 1 battle. Because Karrie ult will increase her movement speed and make her basic attack to release two lightwheels. However, her basic attack will only deal 50% damage that’s why you need to combine it with Demon Hunter Sword because this item will deal bonus damage up to 10% current HP to enemies. Tricky right?
  2. Swift Boots + Phantom Steps.
    • Do you need more speed? More movement speed? Well, try to combine Phantom Steps skill that will allow you to move to certain direction while throwing one flywheel in normal mode and 2 flywheels in ultimate states. The Swift Boots itself to increase your movement in order to chase down your running prey.
  3. Endless Battle + All of Karrie’s skills.
    • This item will change a damage after you skill to become a true damage. Which is will be really useful because you will spam a lot of skill when you are using this hero. Well, all I can say is, say goodbye to your enemies that have a bad luck to meet you!
  4. Berserker’s Furry + Karrie’s Ult
    • Do you want to see real pain? Try to make berserker’s furry that will grant you +25% critical chance and +65 physical power and then use your ultimate skill. Look at how your enemies suffer a true pain!

Well, I only can give you 4 items suggestion that you need to build, there are 2 slots of items that still left and it’s up to you on filling it. I think my article today about Mobile legends Heroes review is enough for today. If you think my article today is useful for today, please share my article today to the other Mobile Legends player. Don’t forget to share my article today with the other player. I hope we will meet in my next article and have a nice day guys.

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