Mobile Legends Tricks How To Counter Clint

There are a few people that say countering Clint hero is impossible. Well, this hero even used in International competition. Clint the Wasteland Drifter feared and well known in the Land Of Dawn. Well, do you wanna know how to counter this hero? Let’s find out how to counter Clint and a few Mobile Legends tricks on my website today.

Mobile Legends Tricks To Counter Clint

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There are several things that make Clint the Wasteland Drifter hard to counter. This hero is so amazing because of his first skill that can decrease the hit rate of enemies team up to 75% and decrease the movement speed up to 60%. yeah, this hero is really suitable to help your team in a team fight. As long as they are trapped inside the sand of first skill. This skill also has an amazing passive skill that allows you to hit twice and dealing 150% physical damage after releasing his skills. The second skill of this hero also giving you a disadvantaged status because this skill will bound you and slow down your enemies while you are also stepping back for a section of distance. His passive allow you to launch a grenade that will deal 350 damage to your enemies.

If we look at Clint status, we can see that Clint has a low status that will make him a lot easier to kill. Well, even though this hero has so many mechanisms to run away from their enemies. This doesn’t mean that this hero can’t be killed. All you need to do to kill this hero is picking the right counter hero for Clint and doing a proper farming and jungle.

Set Up a Trap and Kill Him!

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Well, there are so many tricks to kill him. However, there only a few person that will try to kill him. The other will just run away if looking at him. The truth is, this hero is quite easy to kill because Clint doesn’t have a mechanism to crowd control the enemies. So, when he get gang up, he will end up dying ridiculously.

You also can apply a few Mobile legends tips to kill him. You and the rest of your friends also can gang him, harsh him with your team or do switch role with your friends while you are farming in the jungle. Just make sure your gold raise faster than him. Don’t let Clint has a great item, push him to the corner. Don’t let him farm at any cost and don’t forget to also watch for their team because they will try to help up Clint like your team do to you.

I think my article today about Mobile Legends tricks to counter Clint the Wasteland Drifter is enough and clear. I hope my article today can help you to counter this hero and make sure your team gains their trophy on a championship. Thank you for coming and reading my article today. See you soon on next article on my website. Have a nice day and see you soon guys.

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