Mobile Legends Tricks, Play Alucard Like a Pro Player

Hello and good afternoon guys, welcome back to my website. This day I want to share with you about some Mobile Legends tricks so you can easily win against all your enemies. So, are you curious? Do you want to know more about the tricks that will bring you to victory? Well, find out more in my article today.

Mobile Legends Tricks Play With Alucard and Play Like a Legend!

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Do you ever play Devil May Cry game before? So, you must be feeling Alucard hero is really similar to Dante right? Well, as long as I played Mobile Legends game, I always think this game copy so much hero to become their heroes. However, even though this hero is copied from Devil May Cry game, Dante got a new name in this game. Yeah, most people know him as Alucard Mobile Legends hero.

You know? Alucard is the only hero that has an ability that works really similar to Tooth Of Greed item. His ultimate ability will grant him a LifeSteal effect that will refill his health point according to the damage he dealt with the enemies and release a shockwave afterward.

Well for me, Alucard is really a suitable and perfect hero as an initiator even though the developer from this game place him as a Nuker. So, what about you? What role did you play when you use Alucard? What kind of build do you use to play this hero? Are you curious about my build? Well, let me introduce you my own build for this hero.

Mobile Legends Tricks For Alucard

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Alucard is an amazing hero because even he get ganked from his enemies team. He still can survive and even kill them if you are a professional player. Well, here is my build to play Alucard.

  1. My first item for this hero is Warrior Boots. Why I choose this shoes among the other? It’s because this hero will jump to the enemy team and opening war for your team or even doing a solo kill. So, that’s why he need more defense on his gear.
  2. My next item for Alucard is Tooth Of Greed, this item will provide you a Lifesteal effect and can be your second life because this item has a passive skill that will increase the ability of this item Lifesteal everytime your life spawn drops to less than 20%.
  3. Well, you can try to make BloodLust Axe if you don’t like the Tooth Of Greed or maybe you can make both of them as your item. The passive effect from this item will heal 15% of the damage you cause to the enemies.
  4. Hunter Strike will let you hunt down your enemies every time you success killing one enemy. The passive effect of this item will grants you 30% movement speed every time you kill an enemy.
  5. Immortality is your escape route. So, every time your plan ruined. You will able to fight back or run because you have a second life in your hand now.

I think my article today about Mobile Legends tips is enough for today. If you think my article is good enough for your build, please share my article with the other Mobile Legends player. So, what do you think about my guide? Is it good? Are you agree with this build? Thanks for coming to my website again, see you soon on my next article guys. Have a nice day.

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