Moskov Mobile Legends Hero Review, Amazing Hero With Unique Ability

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share you about MoskovĀ mobile legends hero review. This is a newly released hero in the mobile legends game. This hero also equipped with a unique skill. Are you curious? Stay tuned and follow my review about this hero.

Moskov Mobile Legends Hero

Moskov as the newest hero in Mobile Legends heroes lists already success to picking up so many attentionĀ from the player. In his first sale, he already bought more than thousand times. There’s no need to wait for such a long time until this hero success to conquer normal match/public match. However, because of his difficulty to play. There are so many people that fail to play this hero.

I know this hero is quite hard to play but because of Moskov unique ability and his cool appearance, this hero still stand to be the most playable hero beat last released hero “Yi Sun-shin” as the most playable character. Moskov itself is a really flexible hero to play with. You can make him become a nuker, ganker, initiator or a pusher. It’s up to you and your style to play.

Best Moskov Hero Build (Pusher Type)

The reason why I give you pusher type for this Moskov hero build is because we are aiming for a winning game. Fighting and gaining so much kill in the battle will never leading you to win the game. You need to remember there is a “Comeback” event. That’s become the main reason for me why I choose to be pusher rather than killing machine in a match. This is some item build for Moskov pusher type.

  1. The most important thing for pusher type is movement. Try to build boots that can grant you movement speed or attack speed. Choose wisely between “Swift boots” (15% attack speed) or “Rapid boots” (+50 Movement speed)
  2. Attack speed is everything you need, you also need to clean enemies lane as fast as possible. You don’t need to worry about Moskov damage. He has great damage so everything you need is attack speed try to build “Scarlet Phantom”. This item grants you 40% attack speed bonus with his unique ability to increase your crit damage.
  3. Moskov already has the unique piercing ability and with “Scarlet Phantom” item, you only need “Blade of Destruction” to make your enemies cries in pain.
  4. “Blade Of Despair” is your ultimate item. This will grant you more damage to make your enemies suffer even more. With 25% attack speed, this item is absolutely great for Moskov.
  5. Last but not least, even you are just a pusher. You still need life steal right? We can choose between 3 items. You can choose “Fallen Sword” for more attack speed but lower life steal, “Endless Battle” to make a balanced build, or Tooth of Greed for greater life steal and ensure you still alive even if you are ganked.

Thanks for reading my article about Moskov mobile legends hero review. I hope this review can help you to win your game with Moskov. If you find this article helpful for you or another player, please share this with them. I hope we can still meet again in my next article, see you guys.

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