Recommended Android Games in 2017 || The Games You Must Have on Your Smartphone!

Gaming world right now not only about PC and home console. Smartphone also becomes the new challenger to fight against other competitors. We can say for sure the gameplay and graphics quality already rival against PC and console. That is why we made a list of recommended Android games in 2017.

Yugioh Duel Links

yugioh duel link

The first official Yugioh game which released on early 2017. If you ever played the console version, this one is not different from that. For a smartphone game, it is really awesome. Meet again with your iconic Yugioh characters and duel with your friends and NPC (Non-Player Character). Unfortunately, this game only supports three monsters field and trap/spell cards. What makes it even worse, if you want to buy card packs you need to sacrifice some of your gems. For you who do not know, the gem is the currency of the game. Even though this game still needs many improvements. Overall is the good one to play on your smartphone.

Tales of the Rays

tales of the rays

The fantastic RPG you have to play on your smartphone. You do not need to question about the quality of the game. Tales series never let down all the fans. Before you download it, you need to free some storage. Tales of the Rays size is around 2.7 GB. That is really big for the smartphone. Meet all the Tales characters from the console version and choose which one is your favorite. If you looking for a solid action RPG, play this one can satisfy yourself. The control is quite easy. We sure you will not have any trouble with the control mechanism. Like always, do not forget the currency of the game. The used of the Lapis (currency) is to buy character and weapon.

Fire Emblem Heroes

fire emblem heroes

Nintendo did really well bring¬†Fire Emblem series to the mobile. Thanks to that, this game already become the trending topic all over the world. This game is a crossover between all Fire Emblem game which already released a long time ago. The gameplay is quite similar to a GBA (Game Boy Advance) version minus the job system. It really shames you cannot change your character job again to get additional status. Even though you do not have the character’s class this one still fun to play. Moreover, this is your greatest chance to meet all the Fire Emblem characters in one game.

Mobile Legends

mobile legends

Thanks to the popularity of Dota II, MOBA genre rise once again to show its fang. If you look at the Play Store on your smartphone, you must see a lot of MOBA genre. We also confused to choose the best one. But, we decided to choose Mobile Legends as the best one. The mechanism of the game is not really complicated. For beginners player who wants to try this kind of genre, Mobile Legends is the suitable game for you. The PvP mode also really enjoyable to play. Show your opponent who is the boss.

That is all about recommended Android games in 2017. Now, turn on your internet and download your favorite game immediately. The era already changed when most people focus their attention on the smartphone games. Before we say goodbye, visit this website to know more about smartphone game.  Enjoy this special present from us

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