Rikimaru The Stealth Assasin, Dota 2 Guide

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share about one of the most annoying heroes in Dota 2. It’s Rikimaru The Stealth Assasin. This hero is awesomely annoying if you can play it. However, some people just using this hero as KS machine (Killing Steal). This hero also nominated as the most used hero by a newbie. So, are you curious how to use this hero correctly? Check it out.

Rikimaru The Stealth Assasin

Rikimaru is a hero from warcraft 3 and now he is moving to Dota 2. This hero is really annoying because he can go invisible every 3 seconds without attacking. Rikimaru popularity still raising after he gets nerfed by Icefrog and added a new skill to his slot and remaking his cloaking skill. This hero feared because he can fill so many roles in Dota 2, start from Cary, Off-lane, Semi-support, initiator, or maybe a spy.

There are so many Rikimaru playstyle in Dota 2 world. However, I think the most common playstyle used by so many people especially pro player, Rikimaru will have a job to harsh and killing a courier and using his passive skill advantage to slowing down the growth of enemy item progress. Without courier delivering their item, Rikimaru didn’t need to be afraid to roaming and helping the other player in need.

Rikimaru also equipped with silence skill called “Smoke Screen” and 2 deadly skill called “Blink Strike” and “Tricks Of The Trade”. Both of this skill damage are really depending on our base agility and bonus agility from the equipment. That’s the main reason why I want to make this guide for you, my loyal reader and big fans of Dota 2.

Rikimaru Item Build

Rikimaru as the easiest hero to play and has more opportunities to grow. However, his only problem is his lack of defense. There are so many ways to solve this problem. “Miracle” number 1 top player from “Liquid” team even make a new Meta with adding a blink dagger in his item slots. However,  we as a usual player and still far from his skill. We can try to learn to play this hero correctly. How? Here’s a few item I suggest to you.

  1. Try to build Phase Boots
    1. This Item will help you to cover up your lack of movement. This also can help you to escape from enemies when they are spotting you.
  2. Sange and Yasha.
    1. Sange and Yasha will provide you a great agility status and also a slow chance to slower your enemies movement when they want running away from you.
  3. Abyssal Blade.
    1. With reworked of this item, Rikimaru will be tankier than before. This also spare you 1 space for another item.
  4. Butterfly.
    • This is your last and best item for Rikimaru. This item will grant you higher damage and evasion. This item also providing you escape chance when ganked by enemies team.

There are another 2 slots I left for you so you can fill it according to the situation. I think my explanation about Rikimaru The Stealth Assassin is enough. I hope this article can help you to play this hero better than before. If you think this information is helpful for you or your friends, please share this article with them. Thanks for reading my article and see you soon guys.

Harry Twog

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