Roblox Jailbreak Guide || An Exciting Mode Which Let You Play as a Criminal!

There is a mode in Roblox which called Jailbreak. In this mode, you can get a lot of resources to make another game or buy equipment for your character. We made Roblox Jailbreak guide to help you play this game effectively. For further information, see it below.

Jailbreak Guide

In this mode, you play as a criminal. For the rest of the player, they will become the prisoner. You can do anything with them. But do not think they will sit tightly without to do anything. They can also move freely and escape from you.

roblox criminal


The awesome thing you can do is pickpocket another player resources. Because you become the criminal which can move anywhere unlike another player which have limitation. Do not forget, all resources you obtain is random. So, do not get your hope high. To steal something from another player, just simply go near them and a command button will appear. Press it to obtain a random resource. Do not forget, all player can escape from your terror and attack you directly. You need to set a trap to make them give up.

Steal Keycard

Sometimes police office will respawn on the stage. So, is there any benefits you gain from them? The answer is yes. You can steal Keycard to open a room somewhere in the prison. But, it will not that easy to steal it because they have a pistol. You must get it from behind or the police will use their gun to shoot you.

roblox prison gameplay

Use a Shelter

Sometimes when you walk around you will find an empty room. You can use this one as a shelter. This is the best place to steal a keycard from the police. After you get it, you can get inside the room. Fortunately, the police do not aware you already get inside it. Sometimes, a player will hide in this room, be sure to check it thoroughly.

Do Not Get Arrest by a Police

If you get arrest by police, all the item you already stole will go away. That is why if you are not sure can steal something from the police, we recommend you avoid it at all cost. Of course, you do not want your money you collect go away within a second. As a smart gamer, you need to do the best thing you can.

Final Words

For Roblox player, Jailbreak mode is really entertaining. If you can play this mode without any obstacles, you will become the king immediately. Last but not least, for gamers who always lose in this mode, we can help you to get free Robux through Roblox hack. We accidentally found a good website which can generate it. Do not need to worry, we already tried it and we have unlimited robux right now.

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