Runescape Tips For Newbie Player, Play Like a Pro!

Hi, what’s up, guys? How are you today? I really hope you are doing fine. Well, you know what? today I will bring up a topic about Runescape tips. Why I choose Runescape game? Yeah, you can say because I’m addicted to this game lately. So, why not? Let’s talk about this amazing game now. Who knows maybe you will be attracted and play this game too?

Runescape Tips

runescape tips for newbie


Yo guys, I think this game is awesomely good? Well, you must be questioning why I can say like that right? Honestly, I know this game not very long time ago, which is I’m also a newbie like you too. So, whenever you play this game, let’s play together and don’t forget to say hi to me because maybe we can hunt together and doing some quest together, LOL.

All I can say about this game is this game is totally awesome. I’m really addicted to it because this game will bring you to the next step of gaming. Why? Well, let’s see, do you ever seen a game that survives for more than 15 years or having more than 200millions players and keeps increasing year by year?

This game also will be teaching you on how to team up with the other people. Well, we can do some Runescape tricks too. We can use more than recommended people in the party to handle a boss as an example Kalphite Queen, this boss is recommended to be killed by a party with more than 43 healers and 80 archers to beat him up however to make this boss become easier to fight we can try to collect more than 80 archers so this boss can be killed as soon as possible.

Runescape Super Tricks


runescape game tips

However, like the other game, this game also requires us to spend money and more money if we want to be a professional and become number one player in the world ranking. However, the fact is there are so many people that act and thing like me. They are so stingy and start thinking, why I should spend money on this game? yeah, we exist and that’s why people like us will always try to find a backdoor in this problem. that’s also become my biggest reason for my sleepless night.

I try to find the back door of this game and can you guess? After spending more than 1 night, I succeed to find this Runescape hack among all other shit on the Google. Irony? Yes, I would like to say like that, because there are so many people who try to take an advantage on people like me. Luckily it’s not my first time using the hack in my life. That’s why finding this website become easier for me. Well, there are so many tricky people out there but you can trust me about this tricks because I have been tried it by myself and this site is quite satisfying for a free website, isn’t that awesome?

Well, I hope my article about Runescape tips can help you to get your full account for free. Thanks for coming to my website today and if you find this tricks could help your friends on playing this game, why not try to share this site with them? Thanks once again for coming, don’t forget to leave a comment on the comment box below for another tip. See you soon and have a nice day guys.

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