Saber The Spacetime Swordmaster, Tips and Tricks

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to discuss something about Saber the Spacetime Swordmaster. This the swiftest hero from Mobile Legends mobile game. However, how far do you know about this hero? Can you play this hero? What role did you choose for this hero?

Saber The Spacetime Swordmaster

Saber is the best killing machine from his kind. His creator even still thirsting for more power because he wants to make his creation be the strongest among everyone. That’s why that mad scientist gathering the DNA from every best swordsman from all around the world to make the ultimate swordsman and he named it Saber. One swing from his sword can tear a hole in spacetime, allowing him to travel to any place and time. The consequent of his great knowledge and skill as a swordsman is being lonely. However, even he’s lonely he still unbeatable and hard to defeat. So, in order to find new challenges for him, he swings his sword once more and makes a hole, ripping the fabric of time and space to the land of dawn. He prays that he will get a worthy opponent to match his swordsmanship in there.

What do you think about the story of Saber? He still thirsts for an opponent to match his swordsmanship. I feel sorry for him after reading his story. I really know how it feels when you are being so lonely but if you are lonely because no one can match or survive against you? It’s really giving me a whole new perspective about challenges. Well, after reading his background story lets move to the build for Saber so don’t go anywhere and stay tuned.

Let’s Make Monster Saber!

After reading the story of Saber that thirst for an opponent that can attract his intention. You as the player of Saber also need to sharpen your skill to play this hero. Don’t put a shame on Saber’s face as the greatest swordsman. Here are some suggestion from me about Saber item build.

  1. Speed up your speed to chase down your enemies.
    • You can try to build Warrior Boots. This boots will be providing you with some armor to increase your defense. This item also giving you some movement speed to chase down your enemies. Saber is a really fragile hero in the early game.
  2. Increase your survivability with life steal.
    • Try to choose between Tooth Of Greed and Fallen Sword, both of this items have unique attack modifier that will turn a few percents of your attacks to blood. You can take an advantage of your heroes who have much better attack speed than the other heroes in the early game.
  3. Lack of damage can be solved by more crits!
    • You can build Blade Of Destruction as the problem solver for your lack of damage against tanker hero. However, this is a really expensive item so you need to do a lot of jungle and farming a bit.
  4. Reduce your enemies armor.
    • You still think your enemies too tough to be killed? Try to make Crazed Reaper this item will reduce your enemies armor by 7 everytime you launch a hit to them. This effect also can be stacked up to 5 times.

I left two more slots so you can add another item up to your condition when playing this game. I hope my article today about Saber the Spacetime Swordmaster can be used by you to gain more victory. If you think this article helpful for you, please share this article with your friends or another Mobile Legends player. I really hope we will meet again in another chance. See you soon guys.

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