Strange and Creepy Animal All Around The World

Hello friends, welcome back to my website again today. This day I want to discuss strange and creepy animal. Well, Do you ever see one of them? Can you tell me one of them? Well, I will try to explain some of it to you. I hope my article can increase your knowledge about our world.

Here are A List of Strange and Creepy Animal

1. Aye Aye From Madagascar

Aye aye is our number one in our list of the strange and creepy animal. This animal lives in Madagascar so you won’t meet them if you live outside Madagascar. This animal is a nocturnal animal, it means they only active to hunt and doing anything at night. Their black body color with a long middle finger and glowing eyes at night make them the creepiest animal you will see in the Madagascar.

2. Tufted Deer From Myanmar

Tufted Deer is our next strange animal. When we look at their appearance we will recognize they look like a Dracula because of that two fangs in their mouth. Tufted Deer like to live in high altitudes forest between 300 – 400 Meters above the sea level.

3. Goblin Shark

This is one of the creepy animals in our world. He’s also called as living fossil and because their appearance¬†many people said they are a creepy animal. This animal already live since 125 million years ago. This shark live in depth sea around 100M or 330Ft. The adult goblin shark even found live in the deeper ocean. Aside than its creepy appearance, this shark gives no harm to us, human.

4. Glaucus Atlanticus

Glaucus Atlanticus or also known as Blue Dragon is our next strange animal. This animal live in Europe and Africa. This animal also knows as the toughest animal because he can absorbing toxin from his prey and use it again as their defensive system if he feels threatened.

5. Pacu Fish

I think this is one of the most strange and unique animals on my list. Not because of its appearance but by something inside its mouth. Yeah, you right these fish have human-like teeth. Even in Papua New Guinea, people call them the ball cutter fish. Most of the man in Papua New Guinea are afraid to swim in the river because of Pacu Fish.

6. Purple Frog

This frog is really strange. Aside from its funny look. They have a strange habit too. They only show their self to the surface only during monsoon and the reason for that is mating! This frog is really something, right? After that, they will go to live underground again and wait for the next monsoon.

That’s all the information about a strange and creepy animal I know. I hope this information can help you to understand more about our world. I hope this information will increase your knowledge about animal too. Well, if you find this article helpful for you, please share this article with your friends or families. I hope you keep visiting my website and read my next article. See you soon on my next article friends.

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