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Card Game is only one of so many game categories which available on Android’s Play Store. And from so many card games, there are some of the best card games on Android that we should play. Here, we have given the list just for you. We have 5 card games which we consider as the best because of its exciting and addicting gameplay. So, let us check out the information below!

Uno and Friends

uno and friends

We are sure that you must be familiar with this one, right? Yeah, Uno and Friends is a card game which inspired from Uno card game. So, this is the virtual version of it. The rules are still the same as the real-life one although there are some features that make the virtual version become more interesting to play. Uno and Friends is really suitable for you who love playing a card game especially as it can be played up to four players so we can play with our friends or people from all over the world.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

yu gi oh duel links

The next one is Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. This game comes from one of the most popular game publishers, Konami. We are sure that you already know what kind of card game it is after seeing its name. A year ago Konami released this game on Android and it receives a really good response from all Yu-Gi-Oh’s fans. Here, we will only use three fields to place our card which is a new rule in Yu-gi-Oh’s card battle. And we really recommend you play this game as it is really awesome to play.



If you love to play the Warcraft game on the PC, you must love this one as well because the characters of this card game come from that game. At the beginning, we may be a little bit confused to play it because the rules are quite complicated. But, as the time goes on, we will get used to it and we may even love it a lot especially since the gameplay is really good.

Deck Heroes: Legacy

deck heroes legacy

Dec Heroes Legacy is also a good card game to play as its gameplay is really something. Unfortunately, we cannot explain a lot of things about this game because we just play it for less than a week. But, we can make sure that this game is really worth to play. Our strategy in playing this one will be tested here so prepare your strategy.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

yu gi oh duel generation

The last one is also a Yu-Gi-Oh’s card game, named Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation. Actually, the gameplay and rules are just the same as the Duel Links but here, there are five fields to place the card. So, if you want to play this card game with the old rule, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation will be a perfect choice although it is not as popular as the Duel Links from Konami.


So, which one of those card games that you like the most? If you ask us which one is better, we think that all of them are good to play. We can say that it would be better if you play all of them. And we think that it is enough for the best card games on Android for today. May our information be useful for you.

Harold Johnson

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