The List Of Dark Anime You Should Watch!

Do you like something that can make you get a goosebump? Do you like something that will make you feel the sensation of deep depression? Well, if you like the genre of anime that will the different sensation when you are watching an anime. Maybe you are one of dark anime lover. However, what is dark anime? Do you know what is dark anime? Do you want to know what is it? Well then, I think you should read my article today because I also include a few best dark anime on my list of dark anime you should watch. So, what are you waiting for?

Dark Anime? What is That?

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First, before we can talk about dark anime, we need to know what is dark anime, right? So, what is that according to your opinion? There are not many explanations about what is dark anime but the closest definition that we can get it by pulling a string of conclusion from the nearest related thing from dark anime. Dark fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy literary, artistic, and cinematic works that incorporate darker and frightening themes of fantasy. It also often combines fantasy with elements of horror or has a gloomy, dark (or grimdark) atmosphere or a sense of horror and dread.

Well, from here we can pull the conclusion of Dark anime was made from the Dark Fantasy and both of them are bounded by an invisible string. So, after knowing what is the definition of Dark anime, we need to know about the list of best anime that we can watch, right? Don’t worry dude, because I already prepare this before you even think about it! Check out my list of top dark anime that you can watch on the internet!

List Of Dark Anime You Should Watch

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There are a lot of dark anime that the internet provides to us. However, there is not much good anime to watch. So, to prevent you from wasting your time downloading useless anime. I will share some of my best list of darkest anime that you can get from the internet!

  1. Aoi Bungaku: Ningen Shikaku (Blue Literature: No Longer Human)
    • This is the darkest anime on my list. Why do I place it in the first place? Well, this anime is hard to understand if you do not try to open your mind and try to understand the secret words that this anime tries to tell to us. This anime will show you the deepest part of the feeling of failure of becoming a human.
  2. Death Note
    • Lust? Power? Wealth? Who doesn’t have all of those things? Everyone wants it and need it. This anime will tell you the wildest side of human desire!
  3. Hellsing Ultimate
    • Gun? Blood? Vampire? That’s the theme of this gore anime. WIth the violence, action, murderous act, and explosion as the entertainment part of this anime. I think this anime isn’t appropriate for kids.
  4. Jigoku Shoujo
    • Do you ever think that this world is unfair? Well, don’t worry Jigoku Shoujo will grant anything you wish as long as you make a promise that you will come with her to the eternity of HELL. Don’t worry, your victim will also be dragged to HELL with you and her!
  5. Tokyo Ghoul
    • Do you want to see the dark anime with the spice of romance? Well, you need to watch this anime. This anime will tell you about how the life of a little boy changes forever when he dragged to the darkest side of the world and play as the bad person even though he is the real victim in here!

Well, I think my article today about the list of dark anime is enough and clear for today. I hope my anime recommendation this day is useful for you, please share this with your friends who love to watch anime too. Thanks for coming to my website. See you soon on my article and have a nice day.

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