Tropical Living Room Design Ideas | A Comfortable Design for Your Living Room

Choosing a living room design sometimes can be a complicated thing because we confuse to decide which design is suitable for our living room and is it comfortable or not. Actually, we do not need to be confused while looking for a living room design. Just choose the one which is comfortable to be occupied. And here, we have some tropical living room design ideas that can make you feel comfortable while relaxing in the living room.

tropical living room

© Saul Toto

A tropical living room is really suitable for the people who love plants. In order to create a tropical design is quite easy where we just need to put some plants inside of our living room as a decoration. Plants are the main thing to create this design. The first example above shows us how comfortable this design is.  It feels like we are in the middle of a tropical forest.

exotic tropical living room


If we do not like too many plants inside the living room, we can put just a few of it. Put one in the living room table, and the other on the corner of the room is enough to create this beautiful living room design. And make sure to use the furniture which reflecting the tropical impression like wooden table and coffer table, brown sofas, and etc.

tropical living room with many-windows

© Linda Auck

For a more tropical impression, we can create a living room with an open roof like this. Actually, it is not really open as it uses the glasses to replace the roof tile. We can also use lots of windows if we have a house which has a scenery like on the picture above in order to make the tropical impression increasingly felt and to allow the sunlight to penetrate the whole room as well.

outdoor tropical living room

© Kelly McDermott

We can also create a tropical living room with on the outdoor which of course, will be more suitable for the tropical design. If we are planning to make a living room like this, just make sure that we use the furniture which made of wooden or steel material in order to avoid the damage caused by the rain and the heat from the sun continuously.

thatched roof tropical living room

© aisha sorensic

If you still unsatisfied with the designs above, how about this one? The tropical atmosphere of this living room is very pronounced with the use of thatched roof which often seen in the tropical country and aloe vera which used as the decoration inside it. The outside view also supported this design where we can see the palm tree and the other plants which makes the atmosphere become so comfortable.


Those are the 5 tropical living room design ideas that you may take as a reference to make your own tropical living room design. Hopefully, it can be useful to you and do not forget to visit roohome website if you still need more references. You can find a lot of home designs there.

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