Warframe Leveling Guide || Fast Way to Earn Experience Points in this Game!

This is one of the annoying game because it is hard to level up your Warframe. The experience points you get from normal enemies is not good enough. Even though the enemy always respawn if you leave it for a while, it is futile if you cannot get tremendous experience. Here, we have Warframe leveling guide to help you get many experiences.

Play Solo All the Time

The first thing we recommend in this guide, you must do always play solo anytime. We know it is quite hard to play it alone but in order to get many experiences, you must do it at all cost. The reason why you always get little experience points because you bring an NPC. So, the points divided between them. If you do not bring anyone, you will get full points.

Do a Spy Mission

We think this is the quickest way to level up your Warframe. If you manage to kill all the 3 vaults you can get tremendous experience. We ever do it and our Warframe gain three levels as the result. But you need to be cautious because if the vaults detect your presence, you cannot get experience points from them. This is a hard mission but the reward is really great if you can complete it.

Re-visit the Boss Room

For you who do not know, you can re-visit some of the boss room in this game. Remember, not all of them you can visit. We know it takes a long time to beat the boss especially if you attack them alone. You need to bring weapon which decreases opponent’s attack and defense stats to make it easier. We recommend you choose the earth area. You can get huge amount experience points and the boss not that hard.

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Pluto Heiracon

You can say this is an experience room. There are many monsters you can defeat in this room. But you do not get any money, you only get experience points. We do not recommend this one if you want to collect money and experience simultaneously. For people who want to focus level up their Warframe and another weapon, this is the best place of all.


If you know the place and mechanism, leveling up in this game not hard at all. You do not need to thanks us because it is normal to help each other. For people who have difficulties to get Platinum in this game, use Warframe hack. We found it recently and get the unlimited premium currency instantly!

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