What Is a Charity? Between Humanity and Show Off

Hello and good evening guys, welcome back to my website. This day I want to share with you about something┬áthat has a relation to human faith. Yeah, I want to share about charity. Well, according to you, what is a charity? Do we need to do charity for the human sake or we just need to believe in them to stand up all by their own self? Let’s find out more about this topic today.

What Is a Charity?

What do you think about charity? Do we really need to spare some money to the other? Well, this fact can not be denied that charity is identical to spare your money for the other people in need under the humanity name. However, do you ever think that there’s the other way that is way better than just giving money and make them happy for a while? Why we don’t try to lend them a hand and try to change their whole life forever. So, they don’t need to depend on their own life in the other people hand.

Sometimes charity name is overused and humanity name also overexposed. A human does all the thing to satisfy their own lust to money. They are like an animal that never feel satisfy enough even though they have anything they need. There always be something more and more valuable in their eyes. However, in order to get that valuable item without dropping any sweat, they use charity as their main weapon. Yeah, sometimes human dignity even lower than an animal itself.

Help Other Smartly

I don’t judge all human are jerks. I only want you to know there are so many people who sell their poverty only for some pieces of gold. It’s like their tears are made of gold, all they need is just sit with an open hand and pleading face. Giving all your money to them will not change anything in their life. Sometimes its even make it worst, they become lazier every day. What I try to say here is what we see as a poor people sometimes are people who are just too lazy to work.

Some people are born with kind heart. They just didn’t realize their goodness are being used by some lazy human. That’s why I want to make sure you are not getting used by them. I want to tell you not to stop give money to them or stop help the other people. All I want to say is stop giving money to a beggar. You can give them more than just money, why not giving them a place to work? A skill that they can sell for money. The place to start their own business. Everything other than a few piece of paper. I know maybe you look me as a very rude man but isn’t this way better than giving money to them right? Life is short if we giving them a shortcut to the life they are never truly live their life, right?

Well, I think my article today about what is a charity is enough, I hope there is no one offended by my opinion. If you find this article useful for you, please share this article with the other. Thanks for reading my article today, see you soon guys.

“A man true wealth is the good he does to this world.”


Harry Twog

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