What Is a Dream For You? Is It Really Worth?

We meet again and good evening guys, welcome back to my website. This day I want to ask you a question before we start discussing. What is a dream for you? There are so many people asking and even questioning this even after they are all grown up. This question sounds simple but the truth this question is really hard to answer. So what is that for you? Are you really think is it worth? Is dream worth that much for you? Or maybe you think it’s just a kids nonsense for you. Well, let’s talk about it today.

What Is a Dream?

Did you still remember that day? When your parents ask you about your dream when you are grown up. Well, I still remember that day. However, until today I even still can’t answer that question. The reality is too far from our expectation. Being an adult and grown up is totally different from what we think. We even don’t know what are we chasing for. The only think we know is to survive for today.

So, what will happen if we stop for a while from our routine and chasing our dream? Well, that suppose to be a really hard question. I even didn’t dare to stop and thinking about that. Well, our life has force our own self to works in order to fulfill our daily needs. There are only a few people who are lucky enough that can chase their dream and get it. Some of them have a chance to chase their dream but fail in the middle of his journey when chasing his dream.

So, do you still dare to dream big? Are you giving up yet? Well, dreaming for something especially our future is really important. Because when we are dreaming for something that dreams also motivating us to chase that dream. Our dream will be aiming us so we still walk on the track. Even though the truth is not always sweet as candy. There are so many obstacles along the way.

Biggest Dream

Well, do you brave enough to chase down your biggest dream? To catch your dream you need a patient, passion, persistent, and also money and time. Don’t look down at yourself, you will chase your dream somehow. Don’t forget to pray and do your best to get your dream. There is only┬áthe failure awaits you if you lose your sight to your dream. Remember there is always a payback for what you have done. Don’t forget to encourage your friends and try to walk together on chasing each other dream. Friends make everything seems easier even though it is hard.

Well, I think my article today about what is a dream is enough. If you have any question or you want to share your story when chasing your dream you can write it in the comment box. Well, if you think my article is inspiring enough for you, please share this article with the other people. I hope my article today can help many people to chase their dream. Thanks for reading, see you soon guys.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

– Walt Disney

Harry Twog

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