What is Death? The Real Explanation Of Death

Hello and good morning guys, this morning I want to bring up some serious topic to the surface today. Well, everyone must know about death right? So, what is death according to your explanation? What did have you done before death come to picking you up? There are several people that even not well prepared when their time has to reach its end. Are you one of them that are not well prepared when the time has come or you have prepared long before this will happen to you?

What Is Death?

What do you think about death? Is it something scary for you? Well, death is something that will happen to every living thing in this world. There are no such thing like immortality in this world even though the scientist also makes an effort to it. So, what is death definition to you? According to a few dictionary, death is a condition where there is a permanent cessation of all vital function.

There are so many cases of death in the world but some of them are really unique. It’s reported there’s an incident like someone still alive even after stated death by the doctor, that incident called apparent death in the medical world. Some people who have been felt this sensation before reporting to see a bright light and comforting sensation. However, there are not many from them that can luckily feel that sensation because some of them also feel the sensation locked in the dark room and feels like getting roasted.

Death Remain Mystery

Death itself still remain a mystery to us human. There is no such clear report about what will happen to you after you are death. Even the scientist have done some crazy experiment only to know what will happen to a human right after they are death. Do you know the result? They say there are someone and a light that awaits them in the of the road. Some of them also telling a story about something dark and hot in that place.

However, the scientist still doubting the answer of their answer. Can you explain this? Well, to avoid regretting when it’s already too late. Why not try to stay positive in your life? Do and give your best at anything. It’s not about how do you die, it’s about how do you live. Because you will regret everything when it’s already too late to step back. That’s how regrets work.

I think my article today about what is death can be useful and become a life lesson for you. Well, if you find this article helpful for you, please share this article with your friend or another person to make them realize how short life. So, they will stop wasting their life with doing anything unuseful for them. Thanks for reading my article today. Thanks for your attention guys, see you tomorrow guys.

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life.

A man who lives fully is prepared to die anytime.”

-Mark Twain

Harry Twog

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