Working Overtime Risks, Danger Behind Overtime!

Howdy guys, welcome back and good morning for you. Today I want to share something interesting to you and our topic today is working overtime risk and benefit. So, do you ever work overtime? What do you want to get from working overtime? Do you try to achieve something? Well, without spending any hour, let’s talk about overtime works today.

Working Overtime Is Bad For Health?

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There are so many people in this world that push their self to the limit only for achieving a prestige in their life. Well some people doing it with their own hard work but the other people will do that with an easy way like sweet-talking to the boss so they can catch boss attention easily without doing so much hard work like you do. However, there are not many people who like to be friend with someone who is so sly and that’s why this trick will do so many unfavorable conditions.

People also so rude this day. Do you know why I say like that? It’s because people this day really force their self or even the other people only to pursue their own goal. Isn’t that irony? There are so many people especially an honored worker who also ask the question about can an employer force you to work overtime?

Well, honestly I didn’t know much about the rule of overworking but as long as the employer give you a proper payment, why not? This day finding a job that suits you isn’t an easy matter. Because the high rate of competition between people who also need a job and the lack of employment also become matter this day. That’s why sometimes people will do everything their boss tell to do even if the salary is out rated.

Disease That Caused By Overworking

can an employer force you to work overtime

Doing too much overwork also bad for your health. The reason is because you will lack sleep, make yourself stress because thinking too much about your job and so many reasons that I can’t tell you one by one that will lead you to a disease that can be fatal for you. So, do you still want to do overwork? If the answer is yes, let me tell you a disease that caused from overworking maybe I can change your answer.

There are so many people who know the meaning of what is overtime but still not realize the bad effects of overworking. Well, you are totally wrong if you look down at the bad effect of this habit. So, that’s why I will telling you a few disease that caused by overworking.

  1. People who like to overworking are more likely easier to get dementia.
  2. They will also easier to get eyes problem like myopic eyes, irritation, and eyes that easier get tired
  3. Increase the chance of heart attack
  4. This is the deadly one, people who like to overworking will be easier to get depression.

Well, that’s my explanation about working overtime risks. If you think my article is useful for you please share my article with the other people who likes to do overwork and make them realize the danger of doing overwork. Thanks for reading and visiting my website. See you tomorrow on my next topic and have a nice day guys.

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