Write for Us (Guest Post)

Do you want to submit your article to our website? Do not worry, Harry2g can be the best platform to whom who love writing. We will try to make your article published but you have to make sure that you must write it properly and the quality must be great before entering as our guest poster.

To write for us, you have to follow guidelines that we have created if you cannot follow it, we will reject your article automatically since we are looking for quality. Here are some guidelines.

  1. maximum 2 OBL per post
  2. The post must be informational
  3. No promotion purpose
  4. You know well what you write

After you understand this one. You may refer to the categories that are being accepted by this site. Please keep in mind that your guest post must be included in the list below.

  1. Tips
  2. Tutorial
  3. Home Design
  4. Wedding Design
  5. Insurance
  6. Health
  7. Medical Treatment
  8. Traveling
  9. Tour & Travel
  10. Hotel Promotion
  11. Games
  12. Makeup
  13. Body Building
  14. Lifestyle

Have you selected one of the categories above? If you have done you may contact us by using this following form or e-mail us.

Our e-mail for guest post submission: [email protected]